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bet36体育在线When using air ventilation blowers to provide fresh air to a confined space on a continuous basis, you must ventilate until ALL contaminates are eliminated and verified by proper instrumentation while maintaining proper levels of oxygen. It is imperative that you check with both federal and your state OSHA for compliance.

IMPORTANT: Always refer to the federal confined space regulation 29CFR 1910, Subpart J, 1910.146.

NOTE: This calculator is meant to serve as a general guideline when working in confined spaces. There are many factors that may affect the situation, therefore, it is critical all safety circumstances be considered before working in any confined space and if there is any question, call Allegro for technical assistance (800-622-3530) or consult a professional.

bet36体育在线“Air quality should be tested prior to ventilating a confined space and should be tested continuously during confined space occupancy to ensure a stable atmosphere and worker safety because atmospheric conditions can change rapidly.”